The Rhön is one of the hotspots for biological diversity in Germany. With its unusual variety of mosaic-like scenery structures it creates an important habitat complex for bird species of the mountainous open land.
Structures like extensively used pastures, mountain hay meadows or mat-grass swards and a closely branched network of semi-natural water courses, marsh meadows and source marshes, as well as different special locations, for example rock piles and bogs, are of extraordinary importance for grassland birds.
But the LIFE project: “Hessische Rhön – Mountain grasslands, rough grazing and their birds does not only aim to increase and stabilize the population of birds but also of the endangered Marsh Fritillary, a butterfly appearing in the “Rote Moor”.
Even though the reasons why the species are under threat of extinction are as high as in any other middle range mountains, the species still exist with above-average frequency so that the opportunity for species survival as well as stabilizing and increasing the population is very good.

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