Farmers are particularly encouraged to take part in the LIFE project. They can bring their land and their meadow species into the project through its utilisation. Further, they take part in the nature conservation measures, and in certain cases, they can lease their lands to the county on a long-term basis in order to insure the maintenance and protection of the habitats.
They invest their agricultural expert knowledge in the grassland concept NATURA 2000 (A.4) and in the implementation of the measures C.1 – C.5. Therefore, they predominantly help to implement the measures C.1 – C.5. Additionally, they are active in the progressive thinker group (E.6) and can acquire further NATURE 2000 knowledge and become experts in botany and habitat maintenance in the Rhön.



Hunters are very welcome to provide detailed information and support in fighting predators. A round table with the county key people in hunting, conservation, and agriculture is available for communication and exchange once a year. It is a place to agree on common procedures and to assess the interim results.


The County of Fulda

The departments of nature and landscape, agriculture and the Rhön Biosphere Reserve of the county of Fulda put its extensive experience, knowledge and participant skills into the LIFE Project. They also assist in expert conferences and perceive the conservation of habitat types in parallel to other projects.


The Hessian Ministry for the Environment, Climate protection, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (HMUKLV)

HMUKLV is a project partner, particularly for the measure A.5 “Conflict settlement in the measure area Wasserkuppe”. Further, it ensures the expertise transfer from the LIFE project “Wetterauer Hutungen”. On top of this, the Ministry brings the project results into the arrangement of funding instruments for nature protection in Hesse.


Local authorities

The local authorities pool interests of the local inhabitants and arbitrate if necessary. Moreover, they provide venues and information about local players.


Tourism offices

The offices Rhön-tourism and tourist information Hilders promote and offer tours guided by nature and landscape specialists. On new trails will be information boards about special tours in the nature park in Nüsttal and Hilders. These information paths with content referring to NATURA 2000 are also applied for, and the infrastructure is maintained and serviced by a different organisation.



The Rhön is highly frequented by tourists; therefore, those visitors have to be addressed. Tourists can learn about NATURA 2000 and the meaning of the area. They need to consider the restricted walkways according to the routes and information, especially in the meadow breeding areas. In addition, they can use the plants identifier app and the Rhön hayfield online game.


Local population

The inhabitants of the Rhön can take part in opening and closing events, touring exhibition and guided nature and landscape tours. They can use the plants identifier app and the Rhön hayfield online game. The website and the leaflets are also available for them.

picture: archive LIFE

village in the Rhön - picture: archive LIFE

Locals on a new hiking trail - picture: archive LIFE

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