LIFE is a funding instrument of the European Commission that supports projects that helps to achieve EU environment and climate strategies. The project aims to implement and to develop European environmental regulations and supports the realization of conservation and development measures in Natura 2000 areas.


Natura 2000

To protect endangered species and habitats all through Europe, the European Commission asked all Member States to submit suitable sites to implement measures for protection and conservation. Those sites build the network Natura 2000, a network protecting the biological diversity of Europe.


Hessische Ministerium für Umwelt, Klimaschutz, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz  

The Hessian Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection, Agriculture and Consumer (HMUKLV) Protection acts as a project partner of the LIFE project „Rhön grassland birds“. In addition, the HMUKLV ensures the knowledge transfer between LIFE projects and they will bring the project results into the arrangement of funding instruments for nature protection in Hesse.


County of Fulda

After filing a petition for the LIFE project „Rhön grassland birds“in 2015 the county of Fulda became the project executing agency. The departments of nature and landscape, agriculture and the Rhön Biosphere Reserve of the county Fulda put their extensive knowledge into the LIFE-project.


University of Kassel

A collaboration between universities and the LIFE project allows a transfer of knowledge between both parties. It also provides opportunities for students to gain other practical experience by participating in excursion. Moreover, the LIFE team offers internships for students or support during their thesis. An example for this is the cooperation between MSc Nils Stanik and the LIFE team, during his work on his thesis „Anpassungsfähigkeit von Pflanzenarten montaner Borstgrasrasen an den Klimawandel und an Landnutzungsveränderungen“



other LIFE projects

The Life+ project „meadow birds“ by the Agency for Water Management and Coastal and Nature protection of Lower Saxony (NLWKN) wants to protect meadow breeding birds in Lower Saxony. Due to structural change in agriculture, it is difficult for meadow breeders to find suitable habitats.


From 2010 to 2014, the Life+ project „Pastures of the Wetterau“aimed to protect and restore special habitats like Nardus grassland or hay meadows. With the financial aid by the European Union, they supported local shepherds because originally sheep grazing created those pastures.

Life+ Projekt Wetterauer Hutungen

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