Red-backed Shrike (Lanius collurio)

The Red-backed Shrike lives in the low mountain ranges with extensive grassland cultivation and a large amount of hedges. It prefers open to semi-open landscapes with a diversity of structures, for example rough grazing with shrubs. Due to changes in cultivation of land, the habitat is changing, forcing a decrease of the population.
In the Rhön the LIFE project wants to implement measures to stop succession on pastures and meadows to stabilize and increase the population of this bird.

profile of Red-backed Shrike Lanius collurio

Females with light brown belly, reddish brown wings and brown eye-stripe
Males with light white-pink belly, chestnut coloured wings and black eye-stripe
Size: 18 cm
Weight: 35 g
Wingspan: 26 cm
Breeding Season: May to June
Brood: 1 brood per year
Breeding habitat: Semi-open grassland cultivation with shrubs
Number of eggs: 4-7
Brooding period: 14 days
Food: Insects, bugs, mouse
Lifespan: 6 years
Migratory bird: Yes
Threats: Predators, overgrowing shrubs
Measures: C.2 Improvement and new establishment of calcareous oligotrophic grasslands in the municipality of Nüsttal

C.3 Optimizing of habitats for bird species of the Birds Directive in rough grazing areas of the SPA “Hessische Rhön”

C.5 Optimisation of the habitats for Northern Shrike and Red-backed Shrike (shrike species) in the SPA “Hessische Rhön”

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