Corncrake (Crex crex)

The Corncrake hides in high grasses and tall perennial vegetation. He prefers valleys of streams or rivers on plateaus and mountain meadows. Most of the times experts can find the Corncrake at night, when male birds call their own name: Crex crex.
In Hesse, these birds are threatened by extinction. Because the Rhön is considered one of the important breeding areas, LIFE aims to stabilize and increase the population.

profile of corncrake (Crex crex)

Description: Grey and brown plumage with dark and white spots, brown wings
Size: 27-30 cm
Weight: 125-200 g
Wingspan: 42-52 cm
Breeding Season: End of April till Beginning of August
Brood: 2 broods per year
Breeding habitat: dry areas in high vegetation on wet meadows
Number of eggs: 4-16 eggs
Brooding period: 14-21 days
Food: Frogs, seeds, invertebrates
Lifespan: 5-6 years
Migratory bird: Yes
Threats: Predators, intensification of use

Measures: C.3 Optimizing of habitats for bird species of the Birds Directive in rough grazing areas of the SPA “Hessische Rhön”

C.4 Optimisation of habitats for meadow-breeding bird species according to the Birds Directive in the SPA “Hessische Rhön"

C.10 Management of predators in areas of meadow-breeding birds and rough grazing



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