Tree Pipit (Anthus trivialis)

The Tree Pipit as a breeding bird of semi-open landscapes settles in rough grazings with shrubs, hedges and single trees as long as they are not too intensively overgrown due to insufficient or lacking cultivation.
The halfopen character in the Rhön offers good living conditions for the Tree Pipit. That is why here are especially good chances to enhance the situation by wood management and optimized pasture use.

profile of tree pipit (Anthus trivialis)

Description: Bold head markings, heavy streaking on breast and thin streaks on flanks
Size: 15 cm
Weight: 22-24g
Wingspan: 24 cm
Breeding Season: May
Brood: 2 broods per year
Breeding habitat: On the ground of extensively used grassland with single shrubs
Number of eggs: 3-6 eggs
Brooding period: 12-14 days
Food: Caterpillar, bugs, grasshoppers
Lifespan:5 years
Migratory bird: Yes
Threats:Predators (e.g. racoons), intensification of use, overgrowing shrubs
Measures: C.3 Optimizing of habitats for bird species of the Birds Directive in rough grazing areas of the SPA “Hessische Rhön”

C.5 Optimisation of the habitats for Northern Shrike and Red-backed Shrike (shrike species) in the SPA “Hessische Rhön”

C.10 Management of predators in areas of meadow-breeding birds and rough grazing

Tree Pipit - picture: Robert Gross

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